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It is easy to advertise your business with us at PWR, and our outreach is among the best in Pembrokeshire.

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  • Our Facebook page has over 26 400+ followers.

  • On average, 34000+ listens each week, 4850+ each day.

  • 1.5+ million listens to date.


We can tailor make adverts to your specification to grab the attention of the county.

Radio Show Sponsorships can direct your business to your desired demographic

(eg Lawrie's Lifestyle Show sponsored by *local bakery*)

Benefits of Advertising on Radio

Return on Investment (ROI)

According to UK econometric analysis radio produces £7.70 revenue ROI for every pound spent – second only to TV overall, and higher in a number of product categories e.g. retail, finance, travel, automotive. This is supported by separate analysis which demonstrates that radio delivers profit ROI of £1.61 per £1 spend, again second only to TV.

Source: RAJAR - Radio Centre

Commercial radio currently has record numbers of listeners each week. With 65% of ABC1s, 68% of 15-24s and average listening of two hours a day, that’s a lot of reasons to think about how radio could work for you. 

Source: RAJAR

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