With our

Fine Double Dining Club Vouchers,

you will have the opportunity to eat out at Pembrokeshire's very best restaurants at discounted rates.


You, the customer, can purchase a voucher for £20, from us, here at Pure West Radio.  That £20 voucher will be worth £40 at a venue member of the Fine Double Dining Club.

Only food can be purchased with the voucher. 

Drinks are NOT included.

Only one voucher can be used per group, per visit.

Vouchers are valid for 30 days after being purchased.


Q: Can I use two vouchers at once?
A: Unfortunately, no. You can only used one voucher per group per visit.

Q: Where can I purchase the vouchers?

A: Follow the link at the top of this page.

Q: Which restaurants are members of the Fine Double Dining Club?

A: Follow the link at the top of this page and follow our FB page for regular updates.

Q: Can the vouchers be used for accomodation?

A: Unfortunately, no. Just food.

Q: Can I get a refund on the voucher if I do not use it? (within or after 30 days)?

A: We have a no refund policy, but you may gift the voucher to a friend or family member if it is still valid (within 30 days of being purchased).

Q: Can the voucher be gifted?

A: Yes.


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