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Hello! Tom here from The Early Breakfast Show with Tom & Abz! 

"I am super excited to start learning Welsh with Learn Cymraeg Pembrokeshire!
It always disappointed me that in school I was limited to short course Welsh. I want to make amends for years of not learning my culture, heritage, and one of the oldest languages in the world! I’ve tried learning through phone apps in the past but want to put in real time and effort into learning with fantastic tutors. I am a very proud Welshman and feel that embracing the language is the best way to show my affection for our wonderful country."

Abz said: "I think it is important to keep the Welsh language alive. I love how it is having a revival, certainly in ‘Little England beyond Wales’, aka Pembrokeshire!  I contemplated sending my daughter to the local welsh speaking school but decided not too because I don’t speak Welsh, but feel this could impact her future career development if she is too remain residing in Wales as an adult. I know I have missed out on job opportunities in the past because of my lack of welsh speaking skills! I jumped at the opportunity to learn Welsh so that I can understand & promote the Welsh language, hopefully, providing more job opportunities for me & my daughter, in the future! I’m excited to get going & wow everyone with my new found Welsh speaking skills!"

Tom went onto to say "Over the course of 30 weeks I’ll be attending online lessons, and hopefully face to face lessons, with Learn Cymraeg Pembrokeshire to feel even more connected to my Welsh roots. And the best bit, I get to do it with my sister, Abz! As she’s doing it too! As well as a whole classroom of new people to meet and learn with over the weeks and months."

Learn Welsh Pembrokeshire- Dysgu Cymraeg Sir Benfro said:" We are very much looking forward to saying Croeso-Welcome to Pure West Radio presenters Tom & Abz. They will joining our online classes twice weekly and be taught by our fun tutors Buddug and Richard.
With online classes beginning on September the 21st for only £45 why not join them and learn Welsh too!? See our prospectus to find an option and time that suits you"

Full details can be found here ➡️ https://bit.ly/SBMYN50

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